What's in a name?

A lot apparently. After creating my blog a few months ago, I ummed and ahhed over a name for so long I eventually went for something so inoffensive I found myself feeling detached from it. Trying to combine food and beauty (the main crux of the blog) to think of a witty pun-worthy named and all I could come up with was SugarBlush (sugar = food, blush = make-up - geddit?!)

I've had another go, guys. I've come up with something I'm much happier with, Beauty on a Bun*. It feels less like a girlie, fluffy nothing name to something that encapsulates what the hell is actually going on over here. So, now I have a blog name I'm happy with I can hopefully get back in the blogging swing of things.

*(I actually came up with Beauty and the Feast first but some bastard had already taken it).

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