Bubbles and Dawgs

If there is one thing I love more than hotdogs, it's posh hotdogs and that's exactly what you get at Bubbledogs. Bubbledogs is the champagne bar with only one food stuff on the menu, the not-so-humble hotdog.

Everyone and their dog (pun ruefully intended) is talking about Bubbledogs, and with good reason - the food is bloody delicious and the drink isn't bad either.

We turned up at 3.15pm on Saturday and was greeted with a queue of about six people. A very friendly waiter came out (I think his name was Luke) and told us that they actually close at 3.30pm for a couple of hours so there was a possibility we might not get a table. We prayed to the hotdog gods that everyone would clear out and luckily our prayers were answered and we managed to get a really nice table tucked away in the corner.

The atmosphere in Bubbledogs is really lovely, the staff are friendly and chatty but not intrusive and the whole place just feels really relaxed. The decor is modern but cosy and they have some pretty impressive lights.

On to the drink, there is a HUGE champagne menu, and you can share a bottle (like we did) or just order by the glass. They also have some pretty tasty yet classic cocktails on offer. I'm not a massive champagne drinker (I usually think it tastes like a flannel) so I was happy to let my fellow diners choose the bubbles and I just sipped along happily.

I was more preoccupied with the hotdog menu.

There are 14 hotdogs on the menu and they all sound so delicious I would have had one of each if I could have stomached it. I eventually plumped for the New Yorker, (and was delighted at the opportunity to practice my New York accent 'New Yoiker dawg purlease') a pork hotdog with grilled sauerkraut and onions. I'd never had sauerkraut before and I was a little wary but I loved it, it was so tasty and kind of reminded me of dry coleslaw - not a bad thing in my book.

Ro also got a New Yorker (minus the sauerkraut - she's not as much of a food pioneer as I am), and The Greek and The Italian both got The Caesar! (The Greek and The Italian were our dining partners, not food items).

We also got two lots of coleslaw and two lots of sweet potato fries. I'm a big fan of sweet potato and eat it at least twice a week and like to think of myself as something of a sweet potato connoisseur, but I was still mightily impressed with the fries, cooked to perfection; my compliments to the chef.

We all agreed that the food was amazing and we would all definitely return. I even enjoyed the champagne, which says a lot for me, I usually pour it in the nearest plant pot at weddings.

My only advice would be to turn up at early lunch or early dinner time as they get VERY busy at peak times, so you can expect a bit of a queue. Although, they do say good things come to those who wait and Bubbledogs is all good.

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Tourist Information

It's been nearly six months since I moved to London but I just haven't had time for a proper touristy day. I've done all the main things before, London Eye, Big Ben etc but when my friend, Ro, said she had a couple of Italian and Greek friends coming over and did I want to help show them around I jumped at the chance. Not literally, I don't jump much.

We started off at Buckingham Palace and we were most amused that one of the guy's reaction was 'is this it?' Soz Lizzie.

I, on the other hand, was loving it.

We carried on to Trafalgar Square, did some red bus spotting and then went for a quick walk around the National Portrait Gallery.

After all our sight-seeing we were suitably famished so we moseyed on down to Bubbledogs. Bubbledogs is a restaurant with only two things on the menu - champagne and hotdogs, a beautiful partnership I'm sure you'll agree. I enjoyed it that much I'm going to do a separate post about it this week so I can ramble on about it to a greater extent.

After all this fun (and champagne) I needed a lie down, so, I went home for a nap. Many hours later I made my way back to meet everyone for more merriment. We did a bit of tactical pre-drinking which of course led to drinking games. I can confirm that Fuzzy Duck becomes even more hilarious when the people you're playing with don't have English as their first language.

Our nightclub of choice for the night was Mahiki. Unfortunately, we were busy having too much fun to take loads of pictures but we did LOTS of dancing and I fell in love....with a drink called Blue Hawaiian. I think it might be the start of something special. However, I did do a bit of taste testing of everybody else's drinks...

And in the morning woke up with an almighty headache, the sign of a good night.

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