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Yesterday was my 23rd birthday and I'm pretty sure my friend Ro gave me the bestest present I could have asked for - a surprise visit to Milan! I grabbed my passport, euros and just one holdall (the lightest I have EVER travelled) and we made our to Milano.

We got there on the Tuesday evening so I woke up to the sunshine on my actual birthday - amazing.
We started with breakfast where I got serenaded by the hotel staff and given a little birthday tart *prepares for comments about me being a birthday tart* 

After breakfast we were all about the shopping. I'd done some quick browsing of Trip Advisor and was told 10 Corso Como was Milan's shopping mecca. 

A huge bazaar full of unusual (and expensive!) clothes, perfumes, beauty, candles, bags and shoes. All designer and all completely lust-worthy. 10 Corso Como also has a cafe, bookshop, gallery, gardens and hotel but we made a beeline for the shoes.

Being a  devout Louboutin lover, I found Ro amongst the red soles...

But I was completely taken with these babies!

How amazing are these sparkly ice-cream cone heels? They're designed by Karl Lagerfeld for plastic shoe brand Melissa as part of their A/W 2013 collection. I loved both immediately and couldn't decide which ones I liked best, luckily for me they only had my size in the classic vanilla which made my decision a lot easier. After man-handling them for a while I noticed the shoes had a kind of smell about them... I was told by the shop assistant to take a whiff; not only do these shoes look like ice-cream, they smell like it too! *ICE-CREAM SCENTED SHOES KLAXON*

So, I'm now the proud owner of some Karl Lagerfeld ICE-CREAM SCENTED shoes.

After about an hour of creating mental wishlists of everything in the shop and spritzing ourselves with Tom Ford perfume we we're ready for some sorbet refreshment.

So while Ro was busy with her THREE PHONES... (she's very busy and important, dontcha know?)

I made friends with this little woof sitting beside us.

After some serious perving on all the Italian men in suits we had some lemon sorbet, delish.

Sitting in the sun for what seemed like forever we thought we should really take advantage of some of the culture and visited the cathedral (and did a bit more window shopping.)

Always time for pizza. Which was also accompanied by some Tiramisu and another birthday serenade by the lovely waiters.

It was an amazing trip and such an awesome birthday present, It's Ro's birthday in October so now I'm just wondering what the hell I'm going to get her?!

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  1. I hope you had a lovely birthday. That was such a lovely present from Ro, how generous of her! Those ice-cream cone shoes are amazing too, and the fact they're scented, just wow! xx