I am a big fan of mini eggs, so when I found out there was a nail varnish available to disguise my talons as the tiny, tasty treats I was sold.

This nail varnish is one of the five speckled nail varnishes in Illamasqua's Imperfection (I'm-perfection) range - encouraging lovely ladies to embrace their imperfections. The names are just as cute as the colours - 'Freckle' must be the cutest nail varnish name EVER.

Despite what the name says, I think they are perfect. The speckled blue colour I'm wearing is called 'Fragile' and I absolutely love it. The colour glides on really easily and this is the finished article after two coats. Getting the speckles off is a different story though, nail varnish remover worked okay to get most of it off but I did have to pick a few bits off. I've got my eye on the lovely lilac 'Speckle' next.

NB: Apologise to your boss now - you're gonna be far too busy staring at your own hand to do any work.

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A blog is born

So, I've done it. I've created a blog.

After agonising after a name I've plumped for something totally inoffensive and quite girlie. I didn't really want a completely generic girlie name but it's going to be a pretty girlie blog so why the hell not. I'll let my inner powder puff princess shine through (she can be a bit annoying but she knows all the best mascara.)

I like make-up, and clothes, and food so expect to see a lot of that here. I also like bitching and moaning so I wouldn't rule that out either.

Lets see what happens shall we?
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