Nutty about cronuts

By now you should have heard of the notorious 'cronut': the flakey, sweet, soft croissant/doughnut hybrid. It's taken New York by storm  and hundreds of New yorkers have been queuing around the block from as early as 6am to get their sticky mitts on one of Dominique Ansel bakery's sweet treats. Famous fans include Heidi Klum (yeah, like she's ever eaten a pastry in her life) and Emma Roberts (who got sent to the back of the queue after much 'don't you know who I am behaviour with the bakery's door staff).

So popular, Cronut inventer Dominique has even trademarked the name which has led to an emergence of cronut siblings, bakers desperately trying to recreate the perfect pastry whilst avoiding the 'cronut' moniker. Duck and Waffle have come up with the 'Dosant' but today's post is about the Cro-Dough, created by Whitechapel bakers, Rinkoff.

I was delighted to discover that Rinkoff is just a mere 10 minute walk from my flat so this morning at 9am (not quite up to a 6am start) I dragged my boyfriend out of bed and off on a Cro-dough hunt.

We eventually found the bakery and we're delighted to find we were the only people there and that the Cro-Doughs were fresh out of the oven. Rinkoff currently do three flavour Cro-Doughs; raspberry, custard and fresh cream with chocolate chunks. Eager to get a taste of them all we bought one of each and a coffee to go.

Not being able to resist opening the box before we got home we decided to sit down in the park and enjoy the first one; please excuse my greedy cronut face.

The raspberry one was so tasty and was covered in cinnamon sugar and went down an absolute treat. We decided to save the other two until we got home, armed with a glass of milk.

Each flavour tasted better than the last but we we're both in agreement that the fresh cream was our favourite; surprising, as I imagined I would have liked the raspberry best. The cream was so fresh and oozed out of the pastry with every bite and the chocolate chunks we're just a bonus.

If you want to get your hands on one of these bad boys I recommend going early, we got there at 9am on Sunday and only one other person came in while we were there but they sell out real quick as the morning goes on. Run home, put on the coffee and stuff your face with cro/dough/nutty goodness.

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